3D-Move Analysis software Ver. 2.1 Released in June 2013.
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Is it possible to add a new truck/vehicle configuration under Option E?

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1- The heaviest truck currently available in the software is the Komatsu 930E-1 with a max payload capacity of 720,288 lbs. There are other trucks that have been produced, and are in use, that have a max payload capacity of 800,000 lbs with little different axle configuration. Is there a way to add such vehicles? example is the CAT 797F.

2- Also under Option E, the "For User Defind Case, Enter ID here" field is greyed out and can not be accessed, I suspect this is related to my first point? Also, "Defind" should be "Defined", a spelling error.

3- Under Option E, clicking on the "Click for able of Vehicle Specification" button causes the following error message to pop up "Adobe Reader is required to view this table". Adobe Reader is already installed.

Thanks for the support.

Elie Hajj

Elie Hajj
Dear Fadi,
Thank you for your input. Below please find the answers to your questions:

1- You are right, currently the Komatsu 930E-1 is the heaviest end dump truck we have in the database. If you send me your request for any type of trucks (with references if possible) that you think it is good to have in the database, we can consider adding them to the database in the new versions of the software. We are interested in increasing the database to include different useful cases.

2- The User Defined case will be fixed so that user can create his own loading case.

3- We will also check it out and fix the problem.

Best Regards


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